Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Ugh. Today I ran into Target after work to grab some cards and other school stuff (that dollar area is AWESOME for treasure chest crap stuff). Anyways, of course right next to is was all the clothes. Alllllllll the clothes I've been avoiding for so long. Man. They have some super cute stuff. My mind was capturing it all in the 30 seconds I saw it. Cute bathing suits, adorable tank dress with frillies on the bottom, floral dress with a bow thing in the front. Man, oh man.

Is it June 9th yet?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I am getting so incredibly bored with my clothes. Apparently I must be wearing the same stuff over and over b/c I wore one of Erin's dresses this week to work (and actually a diff. one last week) and several people asked "Kara, did you go shopping?!" Everyone knows my wardrobe by heart now. So. lame. Brandon must be tired of seeing the same outfits, but he's probably NOT tired of seeing a little more money in the bank. He can deal. I pulling things out of my closet that I would normally never wear. I suppose that's what all this about. Thank goodness my birthday is coming up in about a month. I'm already planning what I'm going to buy. Nothing terribly specific (mainly b/c I have no idea what's out there), but general ideas. I almost checked out a couple websites to pick some for my birthday, but I'm afraid if I start looking I wont be able to stop. And speaking of what I want, I love bathing suits. Like I get at least one new one every year. However, I think I'm going to forgo this year since I really don't get much use out of them. That and I may or may not have bought 3 last summer, but that's beside the point. I was going to Costa Rica for my honeymoon. I needed bathing suits to choose from. I'm getting a little bit of a shopping bug, but I can definitely make it another month.

Monday, May 3, 2010


This has sort of turned into just documenting how little much I'm saving as opposed to my experiences as a non-shopoholic. I suppose I've just been too busy at the moment to update, but also I haven't really had many experiences. I avoid all malls and targets as if I'll catch the swine flu if I even think about going near one. That strategy seems to be working for me b/c I really feel no pain at all not going shopping. In fact, not only has it been a money saver (at least I think it will be), but also a time saver. I was one of those girls that would go to the mall when there was nothing better to do, wasting my money on things I didn't really need but felt I couldn't pass up or even better things I would someday need. You know, like in case I had some black tie affair to go to, or a random ski trip I needed to be prepared for. You know I don't like to be unprepared. So it's that time again where I hold my breath, pray for outrageous spending in '09 and confess my previous spending sins:

$38-- Target
$36-- Sephora (not counting this since make up is not on the banned list)
$36-- Marshalls (oh Marshalls, how do I love thee)
$96-- Forever 21 (don't judge, stuff is cheap there. I probably bought the entire first floor for this)
$77- Target

That's a grand total of $247. In other bank news this is also the month last year that I bought Brandon's wedding band :) and got my tax refund. So there were 2 awesome account happenings as well.