Friday, June 18, 2010


The other day I was terribly bored (I know, I know. No one wants to hear about the teacher being bored in the summer), so I thought to myself "this is normally when I would go shopping." But I couldn't. So then I thought maybe I'll go to the mall and get some stuff for Brandon! Then it would be like shopping for me, but not really. But, I talked myself out of it mainly b/c I didn't want to be in the Garden of Eden, if you will. When Brandon got home that evening I explained this internal conversation with him and he realized that he too hadn't been shopping in the past 6-ish months. We realized he would usually just be dragged to the mall with me and we'd stop in places and grab stuff for him too. So this really is having a domino effect. And a positive one at that.

We did go to the mall tonight and while we were there we stopped in Fossil to get B some new shirts and we were actually feeling cheaper than normal and almost didn't get him anything. We ended up with 2 awesome sale shirts.

It wasn't bad to be in the mall tonight since I get to have my birthday present tomorrow (a little late, but still JUST as awesome if not more so). Mom and Erin got me money to get some clothes so we'll do that tomorrow. I'm. Stoked. I do have to make very smart choices with what I get since this has to last me about 6 more months.

About half way through!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


I feel like this is where a lot of the shopping comes in. It was getting close to the wedding and summer was starting. Here goes:

zappos-- $30
marshalls-- $100
nordstrom-- $23
target-- $46

Oh wait, I just realized I was adding up June instead of May. I'm gonna stop here, but let's just say that's a preview of what's to come in June. There was a bit more though. So, let's try again, this time May:

target-- $78
etsy-- $108 (this was my reception dress. does this count?)
target-- $69
saks-- $55

grand total of $310. Can't wait for my birthday presents! Sangeeta already sent me a couple dresses that are adorable. Thank goodness.