Thursday, June 30, 2011


yesterday we had a turning point with tummy time. i think we actually ENJOYED it for more than 37 seconds. this is huge in the hawkins' household. she normally screams from the second i put her on her tummy or plays dead. no really, i swear she thinks if she doesn't move i'll flip her back over. playing dead isn't really that productive either. but yesterday i put her on her tummy, she kinda cooed (maybe even a little smile) and she lifted her head like it was nobody's business. didn't even cry. took a look around, turned her head to the other side and did this a few more times...without making me afraid the neighbors were gonna call cps on me due the cries. we did this a couple more times throughout the day and it was the same thing! even this morning she did a great job. so i think we're turning the corner with this one. thank goodness. here's a little excerpt:

yes, this is my life. :)

Monday, June 20, 2011


Dr. Eddings reports that she is indeed perfect. :) and that she doesn't need that middle of the night feeding. she's just in a habit of getting up, but doesn't really NEED to eat then. so we're going to start to try to drop that one. that means instead of ME going in to get her when she wakes up, brandon will have to. now normally i let brandon sleep. i mean what's the point of waking him up? i only wake him up if i absolutely can't get her back to sleep which has only been a handful of times. anyways, she said that if i go in she'll think she's getting fed and we don't want to tease her. there may be some crying involved, but usually after about 4 nights of it we're good to go. we of course don't HAVE to do this, but i think we'll give it a try either this week or next. she's slept 9 hrs a couple times, 8 hrs a few times and usually at least 6 hrs so i know she has it in her and she's not starving. dr. eddings said to expect the best out of her which was those 9 hrs. we're planning on trying this in the next week or two. wish us luck!

Friday, June 17, 2011


in just one month our little sweet pea has changed so much. here's what we know. she...

still loves to be swaddled. we've moved to the miracle blanket.
takes catnaps. she's like an alarm clock. 45 minutes and she's up. and that's a GOOD nap.
likes to suck her right hand. she hasn't quite found the thumb specifically (probably b/c it's always tucked under)
is still a rockstar sleeper at night sleeping a 6-8 hr stretch, eats, and back down for about 3 more hrs
goes to sleep at night between 8 & 9* (*footnote: i started this list about a week ago as i would think of things. since then she has had a few pretty rough waking up every 3 hrs, crossing our fingers it's a growth spurt or something!** another footnote: last night she slept 9 straight hrs.!! crossing our fingers that this one is NOT a fluke)
is getting used to baths
doesn't seem to like the paci as much any more
gets tired of being held. she likes to stretch and wiggle during the day
likes to talk--and by "talk" i of course mean coo
gets terribly excited to have a conversation
sleeps in her crib alllllll night (i think that's more of an accomplishment for me, not her)
takes most naps in her crib
still loves to be read to. she loves rhyming books and really looks at the pics now.
has a good grip...on my hair. :)
still loves the sound machine
eats like crazy now-- at least for her
is still perfect

stats from the doc 6/20
height: 22 3/4 (62%)
weight: 10lb 12 oz  (44%)
head circumference: 15 1/4 (47%)

Happy 2 months!!


Monday, June 13, 2011


Here is what we've been up to the last couple weeks.

celebrated my 28th birthday:

Hanging out at home, playing on the playmat, smiling a bunch at the birdies and talking to them.

Trying another way to do tummy time because she still HATES it.
I like tummy time sometimes b/c all sorts of bodily functions occur. Boogers come flying out, she'll toot, burp, spit up and get lots of energy out.
Fin had her first trip to Austin to celebrate Erin's 30th b-day.

snuggling with coco and ruby. ruby's not allowed on the couched at our house so she was in heaven.

studying her uncle. she decided he's up to par and even gave him a little smile.
grace can't wait to teach fin all kinds of things. like how you have to sit on your bottom in a chair. she's gonna be a great role model. :)
gia and grandpa with andrew and finley. i bet andrew can't wait to teach fin all kinds of things like how to get a good laugh.

We also went wedding dress shopping with morgan, but the only pics i have are of her in a wedding dress. i don't think morgan wants to make that public yet. but lets just say she looks stunning. and fin was a trooper up until the very last spot when she let it all out. i really thought we were going to get kicked out. luckily the bjorn saved the day....again.

we've had lunch with friends, family has visited and we're trying to get in a bit more of a routine during the day. i still can't believe how fast the time goes during the day!

Friday, June 3, 2011


so i had this weird fear when i was pregnant that when i met fin for the first time i would think "who are you?" like what if i didn't have that instant connection. i mean she was with me for 9 months, but actually seeing her face to face, i was worried i wouldn't KNOW her. i asked brandon several times before having her if he thought she'd feel like ours. luckily as soon as i saw her i knew she was our finley. she was exactly who i thought she'd be. so tiny and perfect and well, finley. i knew instantly she was meant to be ours.

i also now understand why mom was is so obsessed with erin and me. worrying all the time, just wanting to be with us, protecting us, you know, the mom thing. she always said i would understand someday, and well, i do now. i HATE being away from fin, even at night with her in her crib. i know she's just sleeping, but i like to be with her. all the time. i was at a pool party last night with the girls from work who are hilarious. fin came with me for a bit, but brandon picked her up on his way home since it was so hot. the entire time i was thinking about her and left way earlier than i normally would have. i just wanted to be home with brandon and fin, which may sound boring, but it's quite perfect actually.

i think i figured out why i can't fall back asleep after her 3:00/4:00 AM feeding. i can't wait to start the day with her. i just want to hang out with her and talk to her and teach her and snuggle with her. 

so even though it's only been about 7 weeks, i just don't remember what life was like without her. she made her way into this family like she's always been here. keeping smiles on our faces (even when she cries, b/c we know she's she snorts) and keeping us on our toes. she's the best.