Monday, February 20, 2012


she just wants to stand


she's such a sponge now!
*waves hi and bye
*plays peek
*takes 2 naps about an hour each
*fights her 2nd nap baaaaad
*loves to eat! eats whatever we're having. she loves pork chops, tacos, tomatoes, chicken, black beans, broccoli, yogurt, anything really
*goes to bed around 7. doesn't fall asleep with her bedtime bottle anymore. she seems pretty wide awake when we lay her down, but she puts herself to sleep quickly (and quietly!)
*loves to dance
*loves little gym and exploring all the equipment
*stands on her own for a few seconds
*wants to stand most of the time
*has to bottom teeth and 2 top teeth are coming through. she's been a trooper through teething. a little fussy, but not unbearable.
*loves to push things off the coffee table
*sleeps 11-12 hrs a night
*her hair's growing fast! still a light brownish color. looks a little red in the sun, looks dark brown other times.
*plays with her hair to fall asleep
*likes her big girl car seat better
*chews on EVERYTHING, including the coffee table and her crib.
*loves books, mirrors, her stuffed hippo, music
*doesn't really eat baby food anymore. if she's not in the mood to eat what we're having she'll eat her purees.
*mimics us
*might be trying to say "night night", it's hard to tell :)
*loves to walk with her walker
*loves ruby's ears
*shakes her head "no" and for "yes" too
*does not like the swings at the park, but likes to go and check things out

Sunday, February 12, 2012


fin's our little show monkey now. :) she can wave "hi" and "bye" (either if you're waving to her or just tell her to wave), shakes her head "no" and "yes" (she can't quite get the nodding thing down, but she tries), claps, gives kisses if you're lucky, plays peek-a-boo, dances and finds her baby, book and ball. she's pretty consistent with finding her baby when you ask her to and her ball and book depend on her mood. we're working on blowing kisses and signing "more", "all done", "mama", and "dada". we think she's getting "all done" but it's hard to tell. without further she is!


our neighborhood recently upgraded the park and it's awesome! there's a huge playground for the big kids and a cute one for the little kids. there's not much fin can do at the park yet, but she likes to play in the wood chips and check things out. she does not like to swing. it's strange. she used to at last swing for a few minutes, but the last few times we've gone she wants nothing to do with them. we can't even get near them. the wood chips are a different story. she looooves them. she does try to eat them, but she also just likes to dig around and hold them. it makes a mess, but she loves it so much we don't mind. fin also likes to just watch the other kids and she squeals with delight. we'll slide with her and let her try to climb the stairs.