Sunday, October 16, 2011


happy half birthday finley! at half a year old she

*sits all by herself (started a couple weeks ago)
*starting to get frustrated on her tummy when there's a toy she can't reach
*rolls from back to tummy both ways
*still only rolls from tummy to back in her crib and not that often
*sleeps 7ish-7ish with no feedings (allelujia!), occasionally she'll have a little chat with herself around 3/4am, but usually goes to sleep quickly
*eats 6-7 oz of formula at 7am, 11, 3 and bedtime
*has a great laugh (likes when we roar at her)
*is fascinated with ruby
*puts herself to sleep for naps and nighttime
*would rather sit up than be on her tummy/back
*has tried sweet potato, avocado and carrots-- i guess she liked them kinda? carrots more than anything but they didn't really taste like much to me
*eats cereal/veggie twice a day
*went on her first plane ride! and did awesome
*"talks" up a storm, now moving her mouth up and down babbling, i think she picked it up from hanging out with drew for a week
*scoots around
*sleeps with a blankie at naptime
*takes 2-3 naps, just depends on how long they are
*still no teeth, but maybe see the bottom front 2 coming in
*loves grabbing her feet and eats them occasionally
*stays up about 2-2.5 hrs before needing a nap, we push that time to 3-3.5 hrs before bedtime
*has found her ear and head-- only with her right hand, hence singular ear :)
*gets on all 4s, but only in her crib
*loves her bath
*still has grayish/bluish eyes, but sometimes i see a hint of brown in them
*wakes at 7, naps 9-10:30/11, naps 1-2:30/3, sometimes takes at catnap around 4, bedtime at 6:45
*is the best....still.

Sunday, October 2, 2011


the other night i was making dinner and we were going to be having mashed sweet potatoes so i thought i should keep some to the side and let finley have a try. so before i put the good stuff in them, i separated a few days worth for her and decided to give it a go.

she didn't mind too much at first, but as we went along she was kind of changing her mind. day 2 i think she liked them even less.

"daddy, help me"

we've started teaching her some sign language and she LOVES when we do "all done"  
day 2. it looks like she's saying "no more" but really she was trying to grab the spoon.


well fall is here and it actually kinda felt like it yesterday! it was the perfect day to go to dewberry farm to check out the pumpkins. we've never been before and it looks like it will be a ton of fun when finley gets older. we had a good time yesterday, but there were a lot of activities for older kids. there was a pumpkin patch you could get to by hay ride or walk--we walked, it's not that far and she doesn't care if we go on a hay ride.
ready to go! got the cow print diaper on to go to the farm!

trying to figure out what's so scratchy...

miss prissy pants doesn't like grass. although it was pretty crunchy here.

they also have a corn cannon, corn maze, huge slides, flower picking, go cart thingies, awesome trampoline thingy, playgrounds, and animals including pony rides. we went after fin's afternoon nap (3 hrs! she must have know the fun she was about to have and rested up for it) and it only took about 30 min. to get there. we walked to the pumpkin patch, took some pics, learned that fin HATES grass, checked out the flowers and baby animals, took some more pics, bought a little pumpkin for finley and headed home. she did a great job hanging out in her stroller and checking everything out. it was super crowded, but not obnoxious and the weather was warm, but waaaaay better than 100 degrees. really the only time she got upset was when she was sitting in the grass. we put a burp cloth under her legs, but she still didn't like it. we should have brought a blanket, but oh well. i've been so excited (like since i found out i was pregnant) to take her to the pumpkin patch so i was in love. it was the perfect day.

fin was distracted by the flowers.

she loved her perfect little pumpkin!

yea, she's crying. no excuses here. the grass was quite soft.

they'll both put anything in their mouths. see stroller strap above.