Sunday, January 31, 2010


Today I went "shopping." Don't worry, it's not what you think. Remember how I said I had some articles of clothing I got for Christmas that needed to be exchanged? Well today was the last day to do so, so I made a trip to the mall with my biggest supporter, Brandon. Right away I knew it was going to be difficult, so we parked by a neutral entrance and not one that goes directly into a store. I'm a strong girl, but I don't need unnecessary torture. As soon as we walked in there was an amazing dress in Neimans, but luckily it would have been a dress that was not possible to buy whether I was doing this crazy resolution or not. I mean a Carolina Herrera dress for $2200 is not exactly in the Hawkins's budget.

Anyways, things were going well until I saw them. The greatest pair of Toms I've ever seen (cue light shining down accompanied by a choir singing alleluia). No really, it was love at first sight. Check it:

I mean come on. They have "Kara" written all over them. Or I guess they have "Kara's birthday present" written all over them. Don't worry Prima Classics *sigh*, I won't forget about you I promise.

So...long story short, it was tough, but I made it w/o too much distress.

Monday, January 25, 2010


I know it's WAY to early to be making exceptions to the rules, but I have a legitimate reason for a new shirt. I've recently gotten involved in a business adventure (get your mona vie on) and I need a mona vie shirt. Distributors wear the shirts to the tastings and also just to spread the news of this fab juice. It's not personal, it's business. I've pretty much already decided I will be purchasing one--I mean come on, it can be a tax write off since it's part of my journey as a personal business woman. I hope nobody thinks I already lost this challenge. This is the year of not only saving money, but MAKING money and this shirt is part of the latter.

Here's my next problem, but I think I've already trouble-shooted (hmmm...shot?) this one. B and I will most likely be making a quick stop in Moscow in March on our way back from Singapore. And by quick I mean quick like a day. 24 hours. That. Is. It. The normal old Kara would definitely be buying loads of new outfits for an international trip, but the new Kara sees that it's not necessary. HOWEVER, were you aware that the temperature in Moscow today was -18? Sure, it'll warm up in March to a toasty -8 reaching maybe 0, but that's still pretty darn chilly and I don't know if I have the appropriate attire for that. My thought is to bug my cousins in NY to bring down some skiing things when they visit in March so that I wont need to buy anything really. Fashion will not be the concern in negative degree temperatures.

And there were a couple thoughts of how to track my savings. Mom and Nicole had the same idea, which I think was so stinkin smart. I'm going to take a look at my monthly bank statements from last year and get a rough estimate of what I spent on clothes. Receipts from Target are tricky b/c Target has so much more than clothes, but I would say the majority of money spent there was on clothes. I will have no shame and will publish about how much I spent last year (eek!) as long as there is no judgement from the audience. :)

Done and done.

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Everyone needs a Morgan. We all know this and here is another reason why my friends are amazing. Morgan is one of the most giving people in the world and here is just one example of why. (This does tie in to my blog, I promise).

CandyShop Boutique

Basically Morgan's going to do a clothing swap at her apt. and everyone pays a little "admission fee"  and then you can get your shop on. The proceeds will then go to Morgan's choice of Royal Kids Family Camp where a few years ago she met an amazing little girl named Candy (hence the name). Anyways I'm definitely planning on attending/contributing to the first annual CandyShop, but it will only be a monetary donation. I think it's pretty obvious I am really not in a position to be giving up my clothes, but I can certainly give some moola. I also want to go and hang out and hopefully it wont be too torturous. I have a couple months to prepare and spread the word to my H-Town peeps.

Morgan makes things happen.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Apparently my friends are also being affected by this "experiment." There is an event coming up in which we kind of want to match. You know I don't love being twinkies (no really morgs, i don't), but my brf.s and I like to get t-shirts when we do something fun together--as proven below.

Now 17A is not doing disney again, but Morgan's birthday weekend is going to be just as fun. 2 of the 4 immediately thought we should get t-shirts and then remembered that I can't buy any new clothes this year. I would HATE to punish the birthday girl and they kind of already thought this through. They will happen to order an extra one that I will borrow and then give back straight away.

Problem. Solved.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Mom and Tamara brought up the fact of how rewarding it would be to keep track of how much I'm saving. I'll need some ideas of how I can do this since I'm kind of avoiding clothes all together so I don't really know what I WOULD be buying. Of course an exact number at the end isn't necessary, but I like the idea of having a rough estimate of what I saved. If anything it would probably be an underestimate. I think if I had some sort of number at the end it would be less likely for me to revert to my old habits or go on a shopping spree right after. I'm not gonna go blow everything I just spent a year least not on clothes.
Note to self: read this at the very end when I all I really want to do is go on a major shopping spree.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Today was probably the first time temptation was surrounding me. I had to go into Old Navy to exchange something for b and of course there were signs all over the place exclaiming just how cheap and fantastic everything is right now. If there is anything I love more than shopping, it's sale shopping. I get quite the high when I snag shoes that are normally $250 for $20 (true story by the way--those Cole Haan heels are to die for). I did very well though if I do say so myself. I walked straight to the boxers, grabbed what I needed and headed right to the check out line eyes forward. I'm not gonna lie, the line was long so my eyes did take a swift look around and saw a few things that I would normally purchase. AND Target is right next to ON and I drove right past it without even batting an eye.

If I can pass up an Old Navy clearance, surely I'm off to a good start. I can honestly say it wasn't even THAT difficult.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Too soon to start a countdown?
I think not.

Saturday, January 2, 2010


and the official rules are.....drumroll please.............

1. no clothes of any kind
2. no shoes of any kind
3. accessories are ok--belts, hats, necklaces, etc.
4. clothes may be received as gifts for x-mas and birthday. (guess it'll be another 6 months then! insert big fake smiley face here)
5. clothes may be GIVEN by me as gifts
6. undergarments are definitely ok
7. borrowing is allowed as long as I give back immediately
8. clothes I received as x-mas presents just a mere week ago may be exchanged by the end of the month--look, some things I got just don't fit and it seems a waste not to be able to exchange them for something that does fit. I got these items before I had this amazing idea.

I think that's it. Someone mentioned that I need to figure out my purpose for doing this and thus the rules would come. I've thought about this and my purpose is definitely money saving and also proving I can use what I already have so I think the rules fit that nicely.

These rules are pretty set in stone unless you just think something is missing. B and I did some running around today but luckily world market, best buy and the recycling center weren't too tempting clothes-wise. although a week from now those recycled paper bags may be looking good--a little project runway-esque.

Friday, January 1, 2010


There is still some debate about the rules of this year-long challenge. I am open to suggestions and opinions as to what I can and cannot buy. So far here is what we (my family and a few friends) have come up with as solid rules.

1. I can't buy any clothes whatsoever-- new, used, old, ugly, fabulous--NONE
2. I can't use gift cards to get new clothes.
3. I CAN buy accessories, and thank goodness for that. If I'm going to be wearing clothes that I've had forever I'll need to spruce them up somehow. A chunky necklace or quirky hat should do the trick.

The verdict is still out on the following, and therefore I will be taking ideas.

1. Can I buy shoes? My love of shoes goes deeper than the love I have for clothes.
2. Can I receive clothes as a gift? I think yes as long as it's a legit holiday---and not a random one like Arbor Day. If we say yes to this one we may need to make a list of appropriate clothes-giving holidays.
3. Can I borrow clothes? Erin has quite the collection of clothes as well and we happen to be the same size. I'll give them back promptly, I promise.
4. Can I buy clothes for others? As torturous as it may be to go shopping with my husband, he will most likely "want" my opinion. Or if I see an adorable outfit that screams "GRACE!" I should probably be allowed to buy it.

On day one I feel no separation anxiety from the stores. Although yesterday my stomach was killing me and Brandon said, "Do you think it's b/c you're thinking about not being able to buy clothes for a year?" I replied very seriously, "I don't think so." Then he explained he was kidding.