Tuesday, November 30, 2010


no we haven't chosen a name yet. it's waaaaay harder than you think it should be. i've loved a name FOREVER and as soon as we found out we were having a girl i thought, "yes! i get to use that name now!" but now that it's actually here i'm not so sure. and of course b is a researcher so he's not down with making a decision that quickly when we obviously have time. we have several we like so we're trying them out. every few days we call her something different. this way we can see what feels right. it really is a huge decision. you have to think of initials, nick names, ways kids might make fun of the name, etc. i even think as a teacher and what i would think if i saw that name on my roster at the beginning of the year. *le sigh...

and p.s. i weigh 101 lbs!!!! i've gained about 10 lbs which is awesome for me!

Monday, November 22, 2010


let's go all the way back to week 5 (so pretty much right after we found out the exciting news):

Needless to say, my stomach does not look like THAT anymore. Move right along to 17 weeks, then 18 weeks (tonight actually). The in between pics are not terribly exciting. It seemed like around 11 weeks she started to grow quite a bit and now I feel like I'm getting bigger by the second.

i always thought erin was crazy when she said she felt HUGE when she obviously wasn't, but i get it now. and my stomach itches like whoa. TMI? i think not, i'm just being honest. apparently my skin is not used to stretching like this. awesome.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


as if you haven't heard already....we're having a GIRL!!!!!!!!!!! i know either way we'd be this excited, but i can not wait to meet this little girl. b and i were both thinking girl (although i didn't really come to my decision until we were literally walking into the doctor's). not sure why i picked girl, but maybe i did have some sort of "feeling." people kept asking me if i had a "feeling" and i just thought i was broken. i had no idea what they were talking about. there really is nothing like seeing your baby. i knew seeing her was going to be incredible, but there really is nothing like it. the first time we saw her at 7 weeks, she looked like this:

and now she looks like this!!

i mean really. it's amazing.

we're a little over 16 weeks and i think i look like i'm pregnant, but i can't count on one hand how many times i've heard "are you sure you're pregnant? haha" insert their smile here. i, however, don't find it that humorous. good friends and family can tell i have a little bump. she's in there. :)

i told my kiddos the other day after one kid straight up asked me if i was having a baby. see? even a 6 year-old can tell. i digress. they were REALLY excited and had some interesting ideas for names. such as: spirits, skittles and stellaluna (we'd just read that book). we don't have a name yet, but i'm pretty sure we wont be going with any of their suggestions.

so if you were reading this blog just to keep up with my shopping, i'm sorry to tell you that's not really high priority any more. it's all about baby girl hawkins (bgh) now. :)