Sunday, January 23, 2011


2 productive weekends in a row, and we're working our way through our "MUST get done before April" list. this weekend tracy came to help b paint finley's room. they were speed demons and had it all done (except touch-ups) by the time i got home from teaching sat. school at 1:00. it looks perfect. we didn't really want the typical "baby" room so we went the opposite of pink and her room is blue-ish. the color is technically called "jamaica bay" so it's more in the teal family. its definitely the color i had in mind, thank goodness. they also took down her light and put up a new fan/light. it's white so not terribly exciting for most people, but i'm stoked about it!

so here's a sneak peek at what we're working on. the kitchen chair gives us an idea of what her dark furniture will look like in there since we have to wait a bit for that. try to keep up with my crazy ideas. :) There are a few other projects we're working on for her room that you'll just have to wait to see. We can't explain our madness...
Bumper (obviously) and pinwheels i made that we're framing on the walls

Made from scrapbook paper. We'll probably just use 4 of them. 

Monday, January 17, 2011


she. is. a dancing queen!

i think you can see when she's moving. i can see it, but i also know my stomach doesn't usually move like that. :) sorry it's a weird angle.

sure this keeps me up at night, but i think i'll miss it in a few months when she's out. it'll be great to actually SEE her doing all these kicks and punches, however, it's nice to have company all day everyday. another thing that wakes me up are charlie horses. now THOSE i will not miss.

we've read that whatever music she hears now quite a bit she'll like when she's out. that we could actually play it or sing it when she was upset and it would make her feel better. my fear was we were going to have to sing the days of the week and months of the year songs b/c that's what she here's EVERYDAY when i'm at school. maybe i'll start playing the songs that are on this blog to her every night. they're a little more enoyable.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


we are eternally grateful to the shuleys for giving us so much stinkin stuff. and the best part is, it's all stuff we (I) love. erin has great taste so i knew the clothes would be super cute and i also know she'd only get the best for gracie girl. here is our dining room at the moment:

i would say 90% of this stuff was given to us. not just from the shuley's, but also the rest of our family who couldn't wait to spoil finley. we tell each other everyday how lucky we are.

not only are we grateful to the shuley's, but also for having a house with a few "extra" rooms so we can organize everything and keep finley's room empty-- per my request. it just makes me feel better to have a clean slate to work with. right now we have a template of where the furniture may go when it eventually comes in. our awesome furniture is a-whole-nother story though. let's just say we went in nov. to order it so i could have peace of mind and get that done. it should be here any day now, or so we thought. b called to check on it, and it'll be here the 2nd week of march. yes, MARCH. and yes, finley will be here in april. if you know me at all, you know i like to be prepared. getting her nursery done a month before is not prepared enough for me, however, i'm thankful for so many other things at the moment this is really not a big problem. we'll make it work.

anyways, we've got a ton of stuff already (even without 2 showers coming up!) for her and now we're just trying to get it all organized. this weekend we finally got a new car!! that's a huge thing checked off the list and we loooooove it. so we're trying to get as much done now as possible and be prepared as possible for our world to get turned upside in the best way possible.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


2010 has come and gone and my new year's resolution is complete. i'm not gonna lie, it was a real challenge for me. i wanted something that was challenging b/c most people want to lose weight or stop smoking (which i would assume are hard for them). i've been extremely blessed with good genes and smoking never has been my thing to say the least. this was my "weight loss" and i'm giving myself a pat on the back. although life took a huge (awesome) turn a few months ago, i say i passed. done and done.

yes, the past months i've had to get new clothes, but i can't very well squash finley into my kids jeans and nobody wants to see my bare belly if i were to wear my normal shirts. you're welcome. 2 weeks ago was really the first week i bought a significant amount of maternity clothes from old navy (3 sweaters, 3 long sleeve shirts, jeans, a dress, and a tunic which translates into $150). yea, i heart old navy and their cheap clothes. it helped that 75% of what i got was on sale. i went with erin and knew b would be glad i got so much so i'd stop complaining about being uncomfortable. and being the awesome husband he is, he was quite pleased with my shopping.

i know i kinda dropped the ball when it came to keeping track of what i "normally" spend, but we'll say about $150 a month. so i saved $1800 give or take. i guess if you subtract my maternity shopping and my singapore shopping it's about $1500 which i think is still pretty good. really does make me stop and think before i buy. erin had to talk me into a sweater at old navy that was on sale for $9.99. i'm pretty sure this will stay with me for a while, and anyways life's turning into all-about-finley anyways so my shopping opportunities will be limited. wouldn't trade it for the world.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


drew came at the perfect time, dec. 20, 2010. erin was able to be home for christmas eve/christmas day and i was able to spend the most amount of time possible with him! 2 whole weeks almost! Needless to say we are quite the happy aunt and uncle and can't wait for our own little bundle to come in a few months. since we got to spend lots of time with a newborn we were mentally taking notes...however, andrew is pretty chill (at least for now) and erin makes it look easy. don't worry, i have no misconceptions about what a newborn is like and know finley will have a mind of her own. luckily i have some outstanding moms to look up to and help us. hanging out with andrew and grace made us that much more excited for april to come. and maybe it was a little reality check too. :)