Monday, March 26, 2012


soooo i think we're going to have a walker on our hands pretty soon! a few people have said we can consider her a "walker" now, but i'm waiting just a bit for her to really master her skills before i call her that. she's been doing a great job walking to brandon and me, but she usually gets too excited and ends up diving for whoever she's going for. her little legs can't keep up with her top half. and of course she's terribly trusting and knows we'll catch her. so she normally takes about 4 steps and dives excitedly. we were happy with this though b/c she's still so tiny! however, yesterday we were doing some work in the front yard and brought the girls (fin and ruby) out there with us. finley looooves mulch. loves it. she does an ok job at not eating it and just playing with it. the problem with her playing outside is it's no fun to crawl on the concrete and she's not a huge fan of grass. sometimes we put pants on her (under her dress) so she wont skin her knees, it's just soooo flipping hot out already.

anyways we'd peek at her playing on our walkway ever couple minutes and one time we did and she was just walking along! her steps were so thought out, meticulous and you could just tell she was working so hard, her little face so concentrated. she would take a couple steps, stop and gather herself. her bottom never touched the ground. not sure what she was going after, but it got trickier when she reached the grass. then she turned around and came back! the coming back part was not quite as smooth, but she still did a great job. she kept it up the rest of the afternoon too. once we were inside we'd catch her letting go of the couch or coffee table and take some steps or just stand up in the kitchen and walk.

i can't believe our baby is just about walking. it *almost* makes me sad. i feel like this is the last BIG milestone for her to hit. i know she's going to learn so much still, but this seems like the last of the major ones. don't get me wrong, talking is huge also. i just see our tiny girl waddling around and i can't believe how much she's changed in the last 11ish months. maybe i'll call her a walker when she mostly chooses to walk over crawling.

Monday, March 19, 2012


this is such a fun age. everyday she pulls out a new trick. at 11 months she...

*takes a few steps on her own! only about 3-4, but it's a great start
*points to brandon and says "da da"
*crawls herself to the bathroom when she hears the bath water running
*will get her baby, dog, ball and book when you ask her to
*claps, waves, points, tries to brush her hair with her brush, plays peek a boo with just about anything
*tries to say "hot", "hat", "night night", "bye"
*tries to moo, hiss, baaa, bock
*stands everywhere
*loves her bath, but not getting her hair washed
*has kinda crazy hair in the back! not sure if its b/c it's getting "long", but it's a little curly back there!
*sleeps till about 7:30 now! thank you time change. that means she also stays up till about 7:30/8
*still hates her afternoon nap, but it's a tiny bit better since the time change
*now takes a nap around 10:30-12, and the afternoon is always a surprise
*eats everything we do. every.thing. looooves spaghetti, waffles, peas, mango, kiwi, and grapes-- although one night she had a few too many grapes and they revisited her in the middle of the night. :(
*is going through  a vegetarian stage. not too big on meat right now. well, unless it's in spaghetti. doesn't really like fish.
*has 3-4 bottles. recently just 3 around 7:30am, 3, and 7:45.
*puts herself to sleep at night. thankfully she's done that for a long time now.
*loves to snuggle! brandon always makes fun of me b/c ruby is such a snuggler and now finley is. he says i raise snugglers. i'm ok with that.
*is starting to play with her toys like they're supposed to be played with.
*loves little gym and storytime at the library
*loves to "kick" balls
*says "no no no" and wags her finger. "no" isn't exactly right, but you can tell what she's trying to say


to say finley is "obsessed" with books is and understatement. at least once a day we have to read all the board books that we keep in the living room. there are probably 15-20 of them. sometimes we finish a book and sometimes we just get through a couple pages and she's on to the next one. she loves to turn the page for us. we say "turn the page fin" or "can you turn the page?" and she does! as soon as the book is closed she either moves on to another book or instantly hands the same book back to us. she just honestly loves books. she does have a few favorites like brown bear brown bear, goodnight gorilla, and mr. brown can moo. sometimes she'll point to something on the page if we ask her to-- mostly ball or dog. i love that she's a dork already. she loves it so much she throws a little tantrum if she hands you a book and you don't start reading. can you teach patience to a baby? :)