Saturday, February 27, 2010


Today Erin made me go to Forever 21 with her. If you are a girl, you are aware of what amazing deals Forever 21 has. Nobody is saying the clothes at F21 are going to last you a lifetime, but you also didn't have to save up a lifetime to afford them so I think it's fair. Anyways there and Target are the 2 stores I am most afraid to go in to due to their fabulousness and cheapness, however, Erin insisted. It. was. tough. I left with $16 worth of accessories (I hope you had faith in me and didn't think I was going to say "clothes") and my pride. I bought some headbands, clips, and a couple necklaces. These were the first accessory purchases I've made, so I think I'm doing pretty good 2 months into it. Wow. Only 2 months into it. Actually I might be being a tad dramatic, it hasn't really been that bad. Life's been pretty busy so I don't really even have anywhere fun to wear new clothes to at the moment. I'm just waiting for my kiddos to say something like "Mrs. Hawkins, why do you always wear that?" Trust me, they have no shame. I'm hoping Mother Nature gets it together here pretty soon and starts warming up so I can start busting out some springy clothes. Sweaters? I'm over them.

I also left there knowing exactly what I'm going to do for my birthday. June 9th is going to be a great day in which I go armed with birthday money, Mom, and Erin to F21 and Target. I get such a warm fuzzy feeling just thinking about it. *sigh*

I think I'll go "shopping" in Erin's closet this weekend. I'll be back in A-Town in a couple weeks so I can return them then.

Feb. 27th challenge: passed (with a hint of slight pain)

Monday, February 1, 2010


An alternate title for this post could be january=lame.  I just checked my bank statement from January 09 and it was sorely disappointing. According to Bank of America I didn't spend a dime on clothes last January. Hmmmm..... I find that hard to believe, but I only had the one account and I NEVER use cash so it must be true. I literally said out loud, "You have GOT to be kidding me," when I realized it wasn't such a feat to go through January without shopping. Apparently I did it last year only probably didn't complain as much at the time. I did however spend a crap load on eating out. Please don't tell me I made the wrong resolution. I'm trying really hard not to be pissed off, I was just hoping for a little more gratification than "congratulations, all this pain (yes, pain) you're going through is for not." Crossing my fingers for foolishly extravagant spending in February 09.