Wednesday, December 21, 2011


*crawls all over the place (the traditional way)
*pulls up on short things, i am her favorite jungle gym
*has a tooth!
*says mamamama (used to, doesn't say it much anymore), dadadada (her favorite), babababa
*loves to blow raspberries
*loves "brown bear, brown bear, what do you see?"
*dances (not when we tell her to, but when she hears music)
*is a great eater, usually purees, but now some finger food too like cut up green beans, banana, avocado, carrot (cooked of course), kiwi
*loves yogurt, yogurt melts, and puffs (not sure about cheerios)
*gets 4 bottles (7am, 11,3,7), 3 solid meals (8:30, 11, 6) and 1 snack (4ish)
*goes to bed around 7 and gets up at 6:30/7
*does not like to have her diaper changed or get dressed
*immediately tries to roll or crawl away during diapers
*loves ruby
*is a bit hard to put down for a nap, she'd rather be crawling and pulling up than sleeping no matter how tired she is, i leave her alone and she eventually goes to sleep
*takes 2 naps a day around 9am and 1pm
*loves animal noises

Friday, December 9, 2011


the last few years we've all gone to the shuley's house for thanksgiving. every year it gets bigger and bigger and this year was certainly no different since we added andrew and finley into the mix! everyone brings a couple things and we always end up with tons of great food. this year i brought tomato basil soup, mashed potatoes and hot chocolate (with fun stir spoons). fin (and andrew) was a trooper. luckily she took a good nap before we went over there and hung out till bedtime. we kept her up just a tad bit later than normal and by the time we got back to mom's house she was definitely ready for bed. for thanksgiving dinner she had sweet potatoes, puffs and her first taste of real mashed potatoes. she probably could have tried some turkey and other things, i'm just still pretty cautious about table food for now. although dr. eddings told us at her 6 month appt. that closer to 9 months she should start eating what we're eating. she's almost 8 months now so i think we'll start that soon. i mean, obviously only things she can gum, but that will be a lot more than she gets now! anyways, finley's first thanksgiving was definitely a success. oh! she even crawled the REAL way for the first time that night. i guess she was waiting until she had a huge audience to show off. ever since she's been going non-stop! so proud of her.

playing at coco's


erin and i were talking inside and then saw this blur run by out back. finley, your dad and grandpa are crazy. p.s. they were "watching" the kids outside.

fin and gigi!

so lucky to have jenna as a friend for the last 20ish years!