Saturday, September 25, 2010


turns out friday the 13th isn't so unlucky after all. yesterday b and i found out we're going to be adding to the family in late april!!!!!! i bet many of you are thinking "congrats" first, but THEN "how can you go without buying clothes now?!" and its kinda funny because several girlfriends of mine asked me what i was gonna do if i ended up being pregnant during this and i just said "yea right!" well i guess now we've taken on a new challenge. a bigger, better, more exciting, more life changing challenge. and erin must have amazing sisterly instinct because she totally called it and was the ONLY one we told the day of. and she thinks i'm crazy because i took 4 tests (make that 5). don't judge...i wanted to make sure!

new challenge--accepted. :) (that's the biggest i could make that smiley face)

**i wrote this on Aug. 14th