Saturday, July 30, 2011


little miss finally likes her bath! at first we used the hammock thing when she was itty bitty and now she sits in there like a big girl. it's part of our nightly routine even if we don't use soap every night. we've started to let her "soak" and it's definitely her favorite part of the day....mine too. she sits in there with a warm washcloth on her top half and one on each leg. then we just keep putting warm water on them so she doesn't get chilly. we may or may not give her a little foot massage too. (spoiled. rotten.) last night we were letting her soak and she was looking to the side making the sweetest noises. so stinkin' cute. she sounded so content and peaceful. she'll try to suck on the washcloth but i don't really let her. sometimes she sneaks it in her mouth though. who would have thought that giving her a bath would actually calm her down?? so glad she likes them now. after her bath she hangs out nakey for a bit and gets her last little burst of energy out. then snuggled in her footie jammies, bottle and she's knocked out--at least for a few hours. :)

bathtime finley style

*update on formula and sleeping. she teased us with 2 nights in a row of sleeping 8.5 hrs then another 3. hasn't done it since (that was mon/tues it's now sat). for about 3 days we had a pretty good "schedule" going and then of course she abandoned it. :) just when you think you have it figured out. so she's eating 4 oz of formula before bed (8ish) then up at 1, 5/6, 8. i don't know what's going on with her. we'll keep on trying!

Monday, July 25, 2011


well after almost a month of terrible sleeping, we might be back on track-- at least for now. :) it's kind of bittersweet for me b/c it took giving her formula. we had tried lots of different things for the last few weeks and nothing was really making a difference. we had a few nights of being up for HOURS in the middle of the night. not good for finley and not good for us either. i thought maybe she was hungry b/c she was getting up so much in the middle of the night so i tried to feed her more during the day, but that wasn't really doing it. then i talked to a couple people who suggested formula. not really what i wanted to do. i love that for a year (or just about) i've been the one giving her all the nutrition she needs. now that sounds kind of selfish, but it's true. after a really bad night and talking to erin & mom we decided to give it a try. the first night was a little better, but we didn't really give her that much. first i didn't know how she would do with it and second i was hoping to not have to give her that much. i don't think there's anything wrong with formula, it just wasn't what i had in mind. on the other hand i certainly didn't want fin to be hungry and poor baby was super tired. she wasn't sleeping at night OR taking naps so we had one overtired (and apparently hungry) baby. so now she gets some formula and breastmilk and doing much better. we keep playing with how much and how often, but it's all going much smoother. i'm good with it and we're all much better rested now. here's hoping it stays on the right track!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


time is still flying by. she's already 3 months and things are changing quickly! she

still likes to be swaddled at night
is actually not sleeping so well :/ the last 2 weeks she's been getting up around 2/3, back to sleep (sometimes not so willingly), up an hour and a half later, brandon pops her paci in, back up another hour and a half later... it's a mess. so now we put her to bed a bit earlier
hates naps. LOATHES them. 45 minutes and she's up
likes the paci again
eats like a champ- still about every 2.5-3 hrs.
gets one bottle a day
isn't too keen on new people holding her
LOVES to talk. she's found her voice and loves exercising it
smiles like crazy
still loves to be bounced & rocked
is obsessed with the sound machine
calms down with a stroll around the block
tries to grab things-- takes all her concentration, but she's successful sometimes
doesn't hate tummy time as much ( i wont say she necessarily likes it)
isn't that interested in rolling over yet
likes to hang by herself, gets a little overwhelmed with too many people
loves to read
stares at her mobile (this makes me very happy since we made it)
sucks her hands like it's going out of style (sometimes sucks her top lip)
has the best pout face

Happy 3 Months!!