Thursday, March 31, 2011


i got the best compliment yesterday.

"you're what pregnant is supposed to look like."

thank you, and i'll remember that for the next 3 weeks while i get even bigger. :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


had our 36 week appt. today and everything is coming along. fin's super low and i'm almost 2 cm dilated. i was a little nervous that i wouldn't have made any progress, but we're moving right along! dr. p didn't say anything about thinking she may come early, but i know erin thinks she will. the dr. went over when to come in (like if i have contractions 5-8 minutes apart or my water breaks) and its weird to think that i'm already there. this really has flown by. still praying she stays in for another couple weeks. we had a heart to heart the other day. i told her that while we SAY we can't wait to meet her, we really can. and she can take her time and bake as long as possible. hopefully she'll listen.

i weigh about 117 lbs so i've gained 23 lbs so far. i should gain about a lb a week from here on out so if that's the case and she comes around her due date i'll have gained about 26lbs. it really is all in my stomach. i think my face is a tad bit chubbier, but everyone insists that it's not.

i think i'll miss being pregnant--it really hasn't been bad at all-- but i am looking forward to eating whatever i want and being able to see my feet. most women eat whatever they want while their pregnant but since i have GD i am pretty aware of what i'm eating. which is a lot different for me. i have a whole new appreciation for people who go on diets and/or have diabetes.

Friday, March 25, 2011


 it's really setting in that she might make her appearance any time now. i'll be 36 weeks tomorrow and of course want her to stay in as long as possible, but i'm preparing as if it'll happen tomorrow. at school i now make sure i have EVERYTHING ready for the next day or so before i leave just in case. i reorganized everything to make it easy for whoever may have to come in at the last minute. if she hangs in there until her due date i know who my sub is, but before that will just be any old sub picking up the pieces. and  at home we're thinking about what needs to go in our overnight bags and trying to keep the house in order. all her things are put together and i think we're as "ready" as we'll ever be.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

sleep. not something i do at night anymore. here are the main reasons i think i'm not sleeping at night:

-- going to the bathroom every 5 minutes--ok, a little bit of an exaggeration
-- charlie horses
-- only sleeping on my sides is getting a little tiring, and really not that comfortable
-- hunger
-- my mind is racing
-- *she's moving around like crazy

i am really glad she's having a grand 'ol time in there. it means she's doing well and must be growing, but a good kick to the rib or a punch to the bladder does not make for good sleep. it's frustrating me not too badly this week since it's spring break. i tried to take a nap yesterday and that was unsuccessful too. hopefully if this keeps up i'll be able to get through a day with  6 year olds. when i get back to work i only have 5 more weeks with the kiddos... if she hangs on until the 23 that is. just keep telling myself that.

i'm not complaining. really, i'm not. i wouldn't trade a good night's sleep if it meant finley wasn't baking in there. :)

Monday, March 14, 2011


i don't think of finley as a deadline, but i know there are things i need to get done before the big day arrives. and since you just never know when that will be, i'm trying to do everything now. i'd rather have it done now and just take it easy the weeks before.

so on my first day of spring break here is what i've done thus far (it's about 4:45):
* slept till 9 (on and off. ruby started barking from 6-7 b/c of a storm)
* made a vet appt.
* set up a time for the furniture people to come
* put together the pack n play
* 2 loads of laundry (which included taking tags off and organizing new baby clothes/bibs/sheets)
* sterilized a bunch of bottles and pacifiers
* took returns back to BBB
* picked up a prescription
* wrote all the thank you cards from saturday's shower (while watching sex and the city)

there are more things on the list to do this week, but i'm glad i have spring break to get a lot of things done. tomorrow we interview a pediatrician. we'll go armed with questions and hopefully leave knowing who's going to be Fin's doctor. She came recommended by a couple people and she's really close to us.

about 6 weeks to go!! and i can't wait till our 35 week appt. next monday. i'm so stinkin curious as to how she is inside me and how big she is. i'm a little anxious just b/c we haven't seen her since the 20 week appt (and the 35 week appt. seemed so far away at the time!!) but everytime i go to the doctor i'm measuring great and her heartbeats great so i know it'll be fine. it's just weird not to be able to see what's going on in there! and apparently i'm anemic now too. i just have to take iron pills so its no big deal.

i'm adding to my list of what i want to eat after:
- hot dogs
- captain toms seafood (i know i can eat seafood now, it's just that capt. toms is not exactly the cleanest place)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


well brandon has always wanted a ninja and i think he may just get one. she's practicing her moves daily, hourly really. my stomach looks like it has a mind of it's own. brandon and i sit there and just watch it (her, i guess). we can feel hard parts we're just not sure what we're feeling. i think i keep getting kicks in the rib cage. it seems she's trying to make more room in there. i try to sit up a little straighter to give her some space and make me a little more comfortable too. so our little ninja will be here in about 8 weeks. today someone asked me when i'm due and i answered "next month." THAT was weird and makes me very happy. not just b/c i'm getting a little (read, A LOT) more uncomfortable, but we can't wait to meet her.

since it's only about 8 weeks away i've started thinking about things i'm DYING to have that i haven't had in the last 32 weeks. here is what i'd like so far:
** sweet tea (HEB, Chik-Fil-A, McDonalds)
** turkey sandwich
** coffee. caffeinated.
** sushi (from hikari)
** white wine
** as much chocolate as i want

went to the dr. yesterday and everything still looks great. i gained 4 lbs which puts me at a total of 20 lbs. up to this point. i don't have to prick 4 times a day just twice. i had 2 pieces of pizza, cheese and crackers and M&Ms for lunch today and i was 84 2 hrs later. i just need to be under 120. should have had more pizza. :)

AND we have a middle name... sophia!
so finley sophia hawkins, see YOU in a couple months.