Sunday, August 5, 2012

15 months.

the past few months fin has been learning all sorts of new things. at 15 months she

*knows where to find her belly button, belly, nose, eyes, head, hair, ears, toes, teeth, mouth
*talks nonstop. some of her newest words are daw (draw), elmo, bi bir (big bird), abby, eree (ernie), memew (tomato and potato), tutoo (turtle), puppy, doggy, kitty, tatoo (towel), bise (bath), dace (grace), dew (drew), minnie, mi-ee (mickey), daddy, toot, poop, bup (burp), head
*loves to play with her baby. takes her for rides in the stroller, feeds her and loves on her
*is obsessed with elmo and most other characters on sesame street
*takes one nap a day. 12-1/2. it's hit or miss.
* sleeps 7:30-7
*is getting to be not such a picky eater again. looooves tomatoes, raspberries, peas, cheese
*is starting to use "please" appropriately. this makes it harder to tell her no.
*still loves to read. loves books about animals and likes to find bears in them.
*knows several animal sounds. moo, quack, sssss, meow, raaar,
*tries to "count" things on a page. basically points to everything and says "two two two"
*loves her water abby, takes a bath with her and gives her a bath. washes abby's hair and cleans her with a wash cloth
*drinks only whole milk and water
*tells us when she toots, burps or poops. she's such a lady

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