Wednesday, August 29, 2012


you know how every mom thinks their child is a genius? well, i'm no different. :) our sweet, smart girl knows her colors pretty consistently and even some letter! i made a differeny bucket for every color and was going to pull a new color out to practice every few days, but once we really started focusing on colors (just naming them as we went throughout the day) she got it. so now i just ask what color bucket she wants and we play with that one. if you ask her what color something is she'll most likely said "red" or "yenow," but if you don't ask her she'll tell you the right color. for instance a couple weeks ago when i changed my shirt she kept saying "pink pink" and i couldn't figure out why until i realized that my shirt was pink. then when i was changing her diaper she said "bak" and sure enough her diaper was black. she notices different color cars so yesterday in the parking lot she pointed out the red cars to me. also, if you ask her to get a certain color crayon she'll most likely give you the right color. now she helps with diaper laundry and towels giving me the colors i ask for. genius.

plus, a couple weeks ago i got her some alphabet flashcards. i've been going over the alphabet with her in some of her ABC books so i figured we could use these too if she wanted to. and she looooves them. she asks for them ("tapoo") and asks for more when we're done. she's pretty good at A,B,C,D,F,M,O, and P. M is her favorite and picks it out in other places too. i told you she was a genius. :)

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