Monday, September 17, 2012


fin's at an age where we can start doing crafts and such which i'm pumped about. she actually shows some interest in coloring or "daw" (draw) as she says. she spends a lot of the time taking the crayons out and putting them back in the box. although when we "daw" at the library she sits for awhile actually coloring. anyways, i've been trying to do a fun craft with her at least once a week. pinterest as a ton of great ideas for toddler crafts and most of them use things we already have around the house.

the first thing we made was a stained glass butterfly.

it was super easy and used cardstock, contact paper and construction paper. i had fin color the butterfly a little bit then she put the colorful pieces down. at first she placed them nicely then after a few she dumped the whole bucket of them. i love seeing it on our window.

then we made a necklace out of toilet paper rolls and ribbon.

i tried markers with her for this and it wasn't terrible! messy, sure, but she really likes using them. she also spend a lot of time putting crayons through the rolls. i had fin help me put them on the ribbon and voila!

and for fun last night i made bathtub paint.

super easy, all things we had in the house and it washed right off of her! at first fin wasn't too sure what to do with it and then it would drip on her and she'd say "uh-oh uh-oh." she got the hang of it though.

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